Hey you… Yeah you, angry Kickstarter backer with the pitchfork in your hand… MidasMount say they are now able to deliver on that original SnapFocus rig.


Yeah I know it’s been more than two years since they were supposed to be in your hands.

Don’t shoot us we are just passing on the message.

And while we are dropping gear news, try this on for size… MidasMount have announced new gear for sale. The HitchHiker Mini.


The HitchHiker Mini is a smaller version of our HitchHiker handheld camera support system. It’s a compact, sturdy and lightweight rig that gives you shot stability in a variety of shooting scenarios.

So dry your tears and buy some gear, after you read these words of wisdom.

It’s been a tough road getting to this point but we are finally starting to make progress and fulfill orders again. Since the end of our Kickstarter campaign back in June 2012 Midas Mount has been through many challenges and changes and while they have cost our backers a great deal of waiting time they have all been for the best.

We now have a much better version of the SnapFocus to offer to the world. With radical changes to the design, mechanics, functionality and supply chain we have managed to streamline the process and are confident in our ability to deliver an awesome product to those who backed us with their hard-earned money and patience.

Midas Mount at Hexlab Makerspace from MidasMount on Vimeo.

Hexlab Makerspace in Tarzana, California has become our strategic partner helping us to finally get our manufacturing and product design s#!t straight. They are working with us now to accelerate our Kickstarter delivery process and deliver product to those who have been so patiently waiting.

We shot this video with our new HitchHiker Mini – a compact, sturdy and lightweight DSLR handheld support rig that can be upgraded later to our full HitchHiker Shoulder Rig. The HitchHiker Mini is available in our online shop at www.MidasMount.com/shop.

Visit the guys at Hexlab Makerspace at www.hexlabmakerspace.com

Still angry? Please don’t tell us, see MidasMount for that.

Hey AirTracks!!! The other angry Mob… You see this?

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