Five more brushless gimbal camera rigs for your viewing pleasure.

The Smoove, the Rock, the Digimove, a DIY, and the Runner brushless gimbal camera rig make up the latest in a long line of 2 / 3 axis rigs.

Smoove DSLR Brushless Gimbal Camera Rig

Some of the rigs cater for DSLR cameras, while others RED Scarlet and EPIC cameras.

Smoove DSLR – Brushless Gimbal

Smoove is a world first sector on the use of film and television producers
SteadyCam and offers numerous advantages, the latest stabilization technology.
It is an absolutely mobile, flexible and easy to händelndes Camera Scaffolding made ​​of carbon,
which is equipped with two vertical handles and a horizontal center handle.
The camera is exactly in perfect mechanical adjustment in the focus of the beam and is
3 and moved by brushless motors stabilized. Keep the sensors mounted under the camera
the camera perfectly still on the horizon, filter vibrations and ensure an unprecedented image
that does not require any computer stabilization.
Hence the name SMOOVE comes, just like I said, SMOOTH MOVE IT


ROCK Gimbal : 3 Axis gimbal for RED Epic and Scarlet

ROCK 3 axis Gimbal for RED camera.
Some early testing footage “running” with our RED side gimbal.
Electronic 3 axis stabilised rig, using 3D CAD designs and custom electronics and motors.
Wireless technology for single and multi person operation.
If your looking for smooth footage from your RED.
Available now to suit RED Dragon, Epic and Scarlet Cameras.

Rock Gimbal

Taunus Krimis – DIGImove Demo

Taunus Krimis
AllIn Production
Buch: Nele Neuhaus
This Scene is made by DIGImove®, its only for internal use.
DIGImove-DOP: Nikolaj Georgiew
DIGImove-Operator: Martin Rinderknecht
Gimbal Brushless, Build and constructed by Martin Rinderknecht, DIGImove


3-axis brushless gimbal for GH-2  Field test ( SemiDIY )

test shooting my semiDIY handheld 3-axis brushless gimbal for GH-2 .
Still under tunning the control board .
no O.I.S. and post stabilization.
GH-2 hack (Chris’s 44Mbit)
Nokton 17.5mm f0.95
Kenko Pro ND4 + LCW Fader ND mark2

Vimeo User miya08

coptersale “Runner” brushless handheld Gimbal test

This is my first test with the new “Runner” rig from
I used a Panasonic GH3 cam with a Panasonic 12-35 lens.
The rig is available right now.. enjoy !


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