In a two part video, Frank Suero first unboxes and goes over the features of the SmartSystems SmartSLIDER PRO 800, then he takes to the field and reviews the slider on location.


SmartSystems SmartSLIDER PRO 800 professional slider can be used with every camera on the market. From the heaviest professional cameras to the DSLR’s and GoPro’s.

High resistance, precision and great smoothness are only a few of the features of the SmartSLIDER PRO.
SmartSLIDER PRO can be extended with a complete set of add-ons.
The slider can be motorized thanks to the DigiMOTOR PRO Kit: the motion kit for every SmartSLIDER PRO.
It can be used leaned on a surface or fixed on stands and tripods.

For more: SmartSystems.

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