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Smartslider Reflex 410 test in the worst possible conditions from Video Dads on Vimeo.

The Smartslider Reflex 410, for me, is simply the best travel tripod out there right now. For how small and lightweight it is, it's amazing that it can make a consistent slide with just one try, every time.

So knowing the slider is top notch for normal conditions, I wanted to give the slider a more ridiculous challenge.

I took it to Beluga Point outside of Anchorage, Alaska, where the winds were between 30-50mph.

To boot, I put it on a tiny Gitzo 1542T travel tripod (it weighs 2 pounds), with a Canon C100 / Tokina 11-16mm on top. There were also additional quick release plates between the tripod and the slider, and between the slider and the camera, which accounts for some of the flex on the far ends.

What happened? My knit hat flew off and the tripod could barely hold still. It was hard to breathe in that kind of wind, let alone shoot.

The wind was resisting against my every attempt to slide. SO considering what the Smartslider was up against, I'm amazed I got anything usable. I love this slider!

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