At last years SMPTE in Sydney I with many others witnessed the worst demonstration of any gear in the history of filmmaking. On a cold windy and rainy night mid year the build up was enormous and you could cut the excitement with a knife in that room as we all huddled around the availing of a SmallHD DP4 only to be let down miserably. All we got to see was the DP4 turned on, just a blue screen, that is it, as the nong doing the demo forgot his camera, and worst still failed to bring the EVF for the demo. Sad Face. What a disappointment that night was. 100% consistent for the guy doing the demo, but I did get to hold the Small DP4. What a work of art it is and that blue screen, what a blue screen….. All digs aside the DP4 and other SmallHD monitors are now even cooler. With the introduction of Focus Assist Plus, SmallHD delivers a new focus tool that out performs any monitor in its class. Delivering critical focus in a wide range of shooting environments is the most important value an on-camera monitor can provide.

High resolution monitors such as those pioneered by SmallHD deliver unprecedented clarity. However, there are times when close access to a monitor is not possible. Run-and-gun, Stedicam and crane shots present a particular challenge. SmallHD’s Focus Assist Plus gives the cinematographer more confidence when dealing with these challenging shooting situations.

SmallHD was the first to introduce a user upgradable field monitor in 2010 with the DP6. As a demonstration of commitment to its user community, SmallHD continues to provide significant product enhancements two years after the introduction of the DP6.

The firmware upgrade is immediately available for the following SmallHD products;

Please see SmallHD and not shonky guys from Sydney for more information on their monitors.

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