SmallHD is now offers lightweight HDMI Port Lock Protectors for Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Mark II DSLRs.

SmallHD HDMI:USB Port Lock Protectors for Canon 5D Mark III:II Cameras

As innovative as these cameras are, many users have discovered, that it is just too easy to break the camera’s Mini-HDMI or USB port when a cable is accidentally yanked to the side. Even if the port on the camera is not damaged, a plug that is pulled out of the port in mid-take will ruin the shot, which may be a one-time opportunity. To eliminate a lost shot, precious downtime when the camera is out of commission, and costly repair bills, there are now SmallHD’s Port Lock Protectors.

Constructed of durable ABS, the SmallHD Port Lock Protector easily installs onto the HDSLR and firmly holds the HDMI cable plug in place within the cameras’ Mini-HDMI port. The version for the Mark III also protects the USB port. The result is signal integrity due to a firm connection that’s able to withstand pulls, jerks and drops.

At less than an ounce, the HDMI Port Protector adds only miniscule weight to the camera package. Better yet, MSRP for the HDMI Port Protector is just $49.99 and includes a 1.5-foot HDMI cable. SmallHD manufactures HDMI Port Protectors for both the Mark II and Mark III models of the Canon 5D.

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