Glen Ryan of Karst Country fame knows a thing or two about light. So it comes as no surprise that Glen would need a camera field monitor that he can use comfortably in the unforgiving harsh super bright sunlit fields where he shoots those infrared projects.

SmallHD DP7 HB

Working on some of his latest infrared video pieces like the upcoming Brindabellas IR motion project Glen has been testing the smallHD DP7 Pro HB field monitor. The HB on the smallHD DP7 HB stands for High Bright, or as Glen has code named it “Honey Badger.”

Conducted some very unscientific field testing of the smallHD DP7 Pro High Bright today in a mixture of full sun and light rain while shooting some IR footage for our ongoing ‘Brindabellas’ project.

The High Bright version of the DP7 Pro has taken a little longer to come out than the OLED but finally showed up this week. I was really after something I can see and focus with in full sun as we tend to shoot a lot in pretty bright conditions. Colour accuracy wasn’t really the main priority for me – and don’t like touch screens that much – so went for the HB over the OLED version of the DP7. Glen Ryan


Glen’s unscientific test using the smallHD DP7 HB monitor was also lined up with the smallHD DP6 and the RED Touch 5.0 camera monitors.

Apart from the extra brightness it also seems to handle reflections a little better than the other two screens … plus running it off the VLock on the camera via Dtap was simple and effective.

So all up was pretty impressed with this first quick test – basically it does exactly what we got it for. My only slight disappointment is that for a monitor known as the ‘HB’ there is not a single ‘Honey Badger’ reference in sight – in fact it doesn’t even have ‘HB’ written on the monitor anywhere! Hopefully will see it on the next version ;)

Glen Ryan smallHD DP7 HB

For a full unscientific rundown on the smallHD DP7 HB monitor please see Glen Ryan’s Natural Light Tumblr website.

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