Catch Air Films married up Slog2, REC 709 on the Sony FS700 Camera with Odyssey 7Q recorder monitor, and tested the the two LUT’s.

Slog2 vs REC 709 for Sony FS700 w/ Odyssey 7Q from Catch Air Films on Vimeo.

This test was done with the following specs.
Camera: Sony FS700 to external recorder Odyssey 7Q
Format: 4Kraw to 1080HD Prores
Lens: Canon L-Series 24-70mm
Test Goals: Compare Gammas of REC709 vs Slog2 for noise levels, color, dynamic range, and roll-off
Disclamer: Original export of ProRes444 was used then compressed for web. Because of this compression saturation levels and sharpness were compromised slightly. The grade used was actually just correction to only match black and white levels and saturation and contrast. No sharpening was used or color grade LUTS.

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