Mix one brushless gimbal camera rig, a GoPro camera, add one helmet, a pinch of handheld, and finally stir in a stack of accessories, and you have the recipe for the SkyGlide G3 Pro brushless gimbal camera rig from Sky Glide.

SkyGlide G3 PRO

Polish company Sky Glide already make SkyGlide STR, SkyGlide Pro, and the SkyGlide Cinema brushless gimbal camera rigs. They now make a GoPro friendly 3-axis brushless gimbal rig that is joystick controlled and can be viewed live on your smartphone.

SkyGlide G3 PRO Helmetcam

SkyGlide G3 PRO Rig

SkyGlide G3 PRO Pole

For more: Sky Glide.

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