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This is a simple skin tone test using the AJA Cion, Nikon D4, and Red Epic MX. Initially labeled Cam A, B, and C, I’ve included the uncorrected footage and camera ID at the end of the video. The Cion and D4 were set to 1080p, and the Epic MX was set to UHD resolution, for a simple downres to 1080P for viewing.

The purpose of this test is to simply see how different video cameras render skin tone on a close up, and to see how much work is required in post to produce a “reasonable” result.

The first setup is with natural daylight, cameras set to 5600K- the Epic was of course RAW. Second setup is tungsten, with the cameras set to 3200K.

Detail on my Karl’s Blog,

Thanks to: Doug Underdahl, Bruce Wodder, Jessica and Kristen.

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