A Kickstarter campaign for the Sitara Wireless Remote Follow Focus System from Embrace Cinema Gear USA LLC…

Sitara Wireless Remote Follow Focus

Embrace Cinema Gear has developed the Sitara, a revolutionary Wireless Remote Follow Focus (WRFF) system poised to become the new standard for remote follow focuses worldwide. It’s fast, intuitive and bursting with features that make older follow focus systems look old school and obsolete.

No other WRFF comes close to offering the extensive features and affordability of the Sitara, and we need your support to bring it to market.

Sitara Wireless Transmitter

Sitara Wireless Remote Follow Focus LCD

Sitara Wireless Receiver

Sitara Wireless Gear Motor


• 200+ meter range
• Rapid response time
• High Sensitivity – 3,200 steps per 360 degree revolution
• Multiple full 360 turns
• Focus calibration and 30+ lens data storage
• Focus distance display in feet and meters
• Community data sharing on distance calibration
• Programmable end limits to prevent lens damage
• Prevent infinite spinning on DSLR lenses
• Multiple speed control settings
• Data update port for future upgrades
• Direction correction control – clockwise/counter clockwise selection
• 5-hour+ working battery life per set
• Transmitter and receiver battery voltage indication
• 180-degree dial rotation for versatile handling
• Back-lit digital screen
• Adjustable handle
• Hands-free safety strap
• Wireless monitor mounting option
• Economical, rechargeable 18650 3.7v lithium ion batteries
• Supplied adjustable silicone gears for non-geared lenses
• No hidden costs, all necessary accessories supplied

For more: Kickstarter.

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