Designed to improve audio from DSLR cameras and camcorders, Shure Incorporated has introduced the VP83 LensHopper Camera-Mount Condenser Microphone and the VP83F with integrated flash recording.

“In the DSLR space, we’ve seen a growing demand for compact, rugged, and portable camera-mount condensers that deliver natural audio reproduction,” said Chad Wiggins, Category Director for Wired Microphone products at Shure. “The LensHopper models borrow the acoustic design of Shure’s popular VP82 shotgun microphone, which provides the exceptional sound quality for which Shure products are known.”

Shure Lenshopper Microphones

The ultra-compact condenser shotgun microphones, with a sturdy isolation suspension system developed exclusively with Rycote®, are engineered to provide broadcast professionals, videographers, filmmakers, video journalists, field reporters, and others with an all-in-one solution for capturing highly directional, premium audio with DSLR cameras and portable video/audio recorders.

“We’ve partnered with Rycote to develop a unique, integrated implementation of their world renown Lyre® shock mounting system,” added Wiggins. “The suspension offers superior isolation from vibration and mechanical noise through its customized design. Additionally, the VP83F’s integrated flash recording/playback capacity marks a first for us and is a feature we know is of extreme value to the DSLR user community.”

The VP83 and VP83F are ultra-lightweight yet durable, with all-metal construction designed to Shure’s legendary quality standards. Additionally, both provide superior RF immunity and include highly directional supercardioid/ lobar polar patterns to reject unwanted off-axis audio. The VP83 also features easily-accessible controls, including a three-position gain switch to compensate for different recording environments and a low-cut filter switch to eliminate distracting background noise.

The VP83F with flash recording and playback functionality enables WAV file capture at 24 bit/48kHz sampling rate for direct-to-device recording and added audio redundancy. With a dedicated headphone audio output, the VP83F simplifies real-time monitoring and also offers an intuitive menu and controls for fast and easy control in almost any environment.

A83-FUR Windjammer and A83-W Foam Windscreen accessories, exclusively developed with Rycote for the VP83 and VP83F LensHopper models, will also be available. Shure VP83 and VP83F will be available in summer 2013. Pricing is TBD.

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