ShotPut Pro v4
ShotPut Pro for Macintosh is an automated copy utility application for HD video and photo files. ShotPut Pro is the industry’s de-facto standard offloading application for professionals. It’s simple user interface and robust copy speeds make it indispensable for today’s tapeless HD workflows.
Manage HD Digital Media
Offload any digital media card including Panasonic P2, AVCHD, Alexa, Sony SxS, Sony AVCHD, JVC ProHD, RED ONE, Canon 5D/7D or Canon AVCHD, Compact Flash, SDHC cards, and others. Make secure, auto-named copies of a card or hard disk’s contents in unlimited locations.
Watch an offload destination with ProxyMill™ to simultaneously make proxy copies. You can also instantly preview clips in original form with Imagine’s new ‘all-in-one’ videoplayer HD-VU™.

New in V4.0:

New GUI: The retooled interface simplifies setup and monitoring. Check progress of individual cards and the overall session at a glance.

More Security Options: Verify with MD5 or CRC checksums, file-by-file sizes or byte-to-byte comparisons of your media copies. We’ve also reworked these processes to yield top copy speeds. Verification reports output in variety of formats including Text, XML, CSV and HTML.

NEW! Checksum Calculator: Drop any file, any time, onto the Checksum Generator to verify the CRC or MD5. Use it to ensure file integrity of Post-production processing and any copied files at any time!

Personalize Logs: Automatically add your contact information to each offload report. ShotPut Pro can also prompt you to type in the Card ID or identifier. You can even insert personal notes into a log, such as contact or project information.

E-mail Me! It’s been a long day of shooting and the last thing you want to do is to sit around waiting on copies to complete. Let ShotPut Pro e-mail a notification and the verification log after offloading is finished, so you can relax or do other things.

Multi-cam Support: We’ve added a new Advanced Naming feature to setup multiple copy naming schemes and easily switch between them.

Skip Errors: Ever copy a large hard disk or card and have a frustrating copy error? This version of ShotPut Pro will let you skip problematic files and continue with the rest of the disk. Then retry or cancel copies skipped.
Instantly preview clips in original format with Imagine’s new HD-VUTM all-in-one videoplayer. Launch from within ShotPut Pro and automatically pass the offload locations to the play to watch. (HD-VU sold separately.)

Lion Ready: This version of ShotPut Pro uses 64-bit processing and is fully compatible with Lion (OSX 10.7) pre-releases.

See Imagine Products for more on the ShotPut Pro.

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