At Cine Gear Expo 2012 Electric TV called into Shotover Camera Systems booth to have a look at their new Carbon fiber Helicopter Mount System which can house 3D camera configurations. Brad Hurndell from Shotover Camera Systems demos the new Shotover state of the art 6 axis camera system in this video. The Shotover rig can be mounted to cars, cranes, helicopters, boats, or nearly just about anything.

Thanks to Electric TV for the video:

Key Features:

10″ Interocular (adjustable in real-time)
-1 to +2 deg convergence (adjustable in real-time)
Multiple 1080P monitor outputs
Record in the helicopter with 2x 3GHz 4:4:4

Camera Options:

Sony F35
Arri Alexa
Red Epic
Sony P1

Lens Options:

Angenieux Optimo 24-290 & 17-80
Fujinon 42×9.7

Please visit Shotover Camera Systems for more on the Carbon Fiber Helicopter Mount 3D Camera Rig.

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