Hey anyone know what The Terminator movie was shot on? Or that TV show, now web series Arrested Development was shot on? From time to time you may ask yourself “Self, do you think they used a Technovision SuperTechno 30′ or 50′ camera crane with that shot in the Get Smart movie?” Or perhaps asking oneself, “The Fighter used a few cameras right? What one was film? Was it an Aaton Penelope?” Well if Self is smart he or she will go straight to ShotOnWhat? Which is considered the ultimate source for motion picture & television technical information. End the friendly fights, the bickering, the drunken pub discussion now and just look up ShotOnWhat? to get the answers to what movie / TV series was shot on what camera.

ShotOnWhat Database

You can also easily find movie and TV series information to what Lenses, filters, mounts, lighting, movement, editing, sound, post and much much more by simply hitting up ShotOnWhat? and their great database of knowledge.

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