Shot on RED Film Festival 2013 Winning Videos:

For your viewing pleasure; the two winning videos from the Shot on RED Film Festival 2013…

Close by Johan Lehman

Shot on RED Film Festival 2013 — Festival Award Winner: Close by Johan Lehman

Shot on RED Film Festival 2013 — Student Award Winner: Happy Tears by Martin Monk

This is the second SHOT ON RED Film Festival, a showcase of short and feature length independent projects shot on RED cameras.

The film festival has become an annual event for RED and filmmakers.

RED and industry leaders will focus on selecting projects that best emphasize visual storytelling.

Held on December 5th in Los Angeles, CA, this event is intended to bring together some of the brightest visionaries from all over the world, recognizing both the filmmakers and their work.

RED is committed to fostering the efforts of the independent community and invites filmmakers across the globe to participate in this incredible event.

Please see RED for all the details about the Shot on RED film Festival 2013.

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