Shooting Machine have posted on Facebook that they have been successfully jailbreaking the Sony FS7 grips and transmorphing them into ARRI Rosette style grips for a while now.


We ‘jailbreak’ FS7 grips to ARRI rosette so your grip works like any pro grip. We separate the grip from the extension arm that Sony epoxied together. Then we attach our specially made part with an ARRI rosette and M6 ratcheting stud. The Sony RELEASE button on grip retains full function and the process is non-destructive – you can go back to factory at any time with just a screwdriver. It’s called the SONY CRONY and they are working in the field all over the world for several months now with zero issues. We are the only solution using a stainless steel rosette instead of aluminum and we use a brass stud for superior engineering. It’s a silver bullet fix from an innovative company specialized in handheld solutions. Check our page for more into. Made right here in our camera shop in New Orleans.

crony from caleb crosby on Vimeo.

Shooting Machine also believe they can successfully transplant Sony FS5 grips to the ARRRI Rosette style too.

FS5 Grip
Sony FS5 Rosette

I was introduced to the FS5 this past week. Tried some rosettes on for size and found they need a couple mods to fit. Does anybody want rosettes that fit? The Crony will translate to the FS5. If there is interest I’ll make a run of 10 next week.

Please hit up Shooting Machine and see what mods they can do to your current camera rig set up.

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