I know a lot of guys were keeping an eye out for this new Swing Away Matte box from Shoot35. Well the Shoot35 CINEbox is here and looking like a setup that would cost a few weeks wages. Here is some good news to go with those smoking good looks, it will only set you back a few days wages. More good news I was only kidding about the the cost, it will only set you back half a days pay if you are a Freelancer. Seriously they have a we are here and we want your business special of £399 or just under $650.
There are plenty of options to add to the basic setup, like Top and Side Flags, Filters and Filter Trays.

Shoot35 CINEbox 4x4

The CINEbox is a ‘Matte Box’ device used in still photography and video. It connects to the end of a lens to block the sun or other light sources in order to prevent glare and lens flare. The CINEbox 4×4″ Matte Box features two 360° Rotating Filter Stages, a robust Swing Away Hinge System with adjustable end stops, Vertical Adjustment, Interchangeable Mattes and optional Top & Side Flags.

Shoot35 CINEbox DSLR Setup

For more on the CINEbox and other goodies please see Shoot35.

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