From Henry Young…

SMS vs. Continuous Motion – Second Shooter from Henry Young on Vimeo.

I've always read about the advantages of SMS and the advantages of continuous motion but I've never really had a chance to test it out. So, I decided to take my Kessler Crane Second Shooter out into the garden and have a test – shooting the same shot with the same camera settings and 3-axis move, but changing the movement mode.

What do you prefer? SMS or continuous? I'm drifting towards continuous here because I think that it looks better with this sort of move, but is there really a discernible difference with this type of shot?

– both shots were processed from 480 raw files
– the continuous shot was done back to back with the SMS shot, with about 1m gap in between whilst I changed settings and put a new card in the camera

Music: "Embellir (with Les Gauchers Quintet)" by Lee Maddeford (

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