StudioBinder drop some how to tips about the movie Kingsman The Secret Service.

We’re outlining the five ingredients you need to make a great action comedy.


How To Shoot Action Comedies Like Kingsman.

1. Make your hero the underdog. Underdogs can’t win on their own. So they use the lement of surprise. Which makes for thrilling action and surprising punchlines.

2. Push your violence over the top. Violence can be funny when it’s extremely gorey. When it goes on forever. Or made surreal.

3. Sling one-liners. Use one-liners before fights, after fights, during fights, basically anytime. Punctuate tense confrontations with silly quips.

4. Subvert stereotypes. Most action films feature the same story formulas. So flip them. e.g. Everyone’s expecting a big bad villain. So make him lame as hell.

5. Hire Colin Firth. I mean, what can’t this man do. But seriously. Find actors that can deliver both a joke and a bone-crushing punch. Sure, you can teach actors to do both. But what will they teach you?

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