The Canadian gear maker Shape and their Paparazzi Handle and baseplate for the Canon C Series cameras, the C100, C300, C500.


Made specifically for the Canon EOS C100 C300 C500 cameras

Provides a smaller, lighter setup solution expandable to a more elaborate setup
Features a pair of 15mm rods that are 12” long through the length of the baseplate (15TUBE12)
Attaches underneath the camera with 4 x M4 screws (included) OR with 3/8” 16 and 1/4” 20 screws (included)

PAPARAZZI HANDLE included with the baseplate

SHAPE BASEPLATE is specially designed for the Canon EOS C100 C300 C500 . the BASEPLATE features a pair of 12″ 15mm rods fitting directly through the length of the baseplate.

SHAPE ratchet keys located on the both sides of the BASE PLATE can be tighten of loosen quickly to reposition the 12″ 15mm rods.
The Canon EOS C100 C300 C500 BASEPLATE can be transformed into a full shoulder rig or can be used as a studio baseplate.

We recommend the PAPARAZZI I HANDLE ROD BLOC for fixations such as EVF, external monitors, microphone, etc.

Please hit up Shape for more information.

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