Remember when there was that funny Blog post that scared people away from even thinking about buying a Scarlet X camera. How insightful and well researched……Aaaaaah hell I can’t do it. Truth is there are a lot of smart cost effective ways to spice up your EPIC or Scarlet cameras and right now we are guaranteed only the cool kids will sport the bad boys. NB to get the certified bad boy image you might want to grab one of these Workshop Free silver or black little numbers from Cinema Oxide. Simply scoop up an Epic Scarlet Battery Plate Adapter and Pin Guard and rub it against your new 4K or 5K camera and hey presto instant bad boy. Double NB (Not sure that is even possible, but hey it’s my Blog and I will write what I want) Don’t even think of using an Epic Scarlet Battery Plate Adapter and Pin Guard on a cheap 4:2:2 C300.

Get your V-Lock on….. It’s cheaper!

You wish your camera looked this good…

Get rid of your rods and free your Epic and Scarlet!

Made of 100% aircraft-grade aluminum
Weighs only 4.2 ounces
Lightest possible on-board battery configuration
Order it in silver or black anodized
Comes with (4) screws to attach the adapter plate and (1) hex key
Sets up in less than 2 minutes
All you need is the Red battery plate (commonly found on the Red Cradle and the Quickplate) and the 2B-to-1B cable
Can be used by itself to guard and seal the gold pins with built-in rubber O-ring
Provides additional Epic mounting points
Sleek profile allows SSD card and all ports to clear the adapter

Remember the Scarlet X is the cheapest 4k camera available. Cheap at halve the price, shoots RAW and is rumoured to be workshop free.

See Cinema Oxide for more details.

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