AbelCine run through what the steps are needed to correctly set up your SmallHD 702 monitor.

SmallHD on-board monitors have become a staple of the industry. In this blog, I show you the menu structure of SmallHD monitors — specifically the 702 — so you can customize your monitor to work exactly as you need it. Pages or screen views can be set with as many or as few features as you like. In addition, features can be custom tailored to your needs. For example, the waveform dimensions can be set, as well as where the waveform displays on the screen. Intensity and opacity can be toggled as well. The monitors come with LUTs installed for all major manufacturers’ LOG gammas, along with the ability to load your own in via SD card. On top of all these features, the SmallHD monitors deliver stunning picture quality.

To read the full post, visit the AbelCine blog: https://blog.abelcine.com/2016/03/11/a…

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