The Cook is a set of 28 Picture Styles for Canon cameras and to be used in camera plus with Digital Photo software.
The highlight preservation increases the range for capturing bright backgrounds without clipping, and when something clips the highlight roll off is ok.

Cook Picture Styles

To get the best results from the Canon EOS sensor inside the camera. My theory was if I could grade the raw image inside the camera before the 8 bit 420 H264 compression It would be better and fast results than grade flat MOV files in the computer and a also more fast, easy and cheap workflow than working with raw video.

The shadow lifting amount has 7 levels and the levels 1, 3 and 6 or 0, 2 and 5 or 1,3 and 5 are the best combinations to load to the camera.
The in camera versions intercut among themselves in the timeline without adjusts, they are calibrated.

The DPP versions allows to convert the RAW photos in computer without the need of many adjusts.

The contrast and other sliders are in or near the middle so you have room to tweak before start recording MOV and when converting RAW photos.
With a good combination of the shadow lifting amount and contrast settings, you increase dynamic range without flatten the image.

The local and global contrast are preserved without the need of post grading. Local contrast is the perceived resolution, the correct amount of sharpness for a pleasant image, The global contrast is the balance of brightness, contrast and gamma which removes the grey and misty flat look. Both are ok with Cook.

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