If you liked the look of the DJI Phantom Ready-to-Fly Quadcopter then imagine the possibilities paired to the Epson’s Moverio BT-100 media viewer glasses which appears to project an 80 inch image 5 meters away from you. With the Moverio BT-100 system it allows you to not only see the multicopter but also the image the camera is outputting. The glasses, multicopter, camera combo allows you to have a first and third person POV at the same time.

Thanks to NTSAToday for the video:

For more please go to Epson about the Moverio BT-100 system and for more on the Quadrocopter range visit their website HERE.

#Point of note I read on a dedicated Drone website where they laughed and were annoyed with the Epson sales guy labeling him a Noob for saying Quadrocopter when the Drone is a Hexacopter. They are both right, he said the manufactures name which is Quadrocopter.

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