sE Electronics James Young unboxes and looks at the features of their ProMic Laser.


The audio for the video was recorder using the sE Electronics ProMic Laser.

Video via Sonic Distribution:

Laser is the first in a series of ProMic camera microphones from sE Electronics, which will also feature a collection of accessories including boom poles and fur wind shields.

Part of the ProMic Laser series that will include X/Y, A/B and Omni models as well as boom poles and fur windshields, Laser is a professional solution offering high-quality audio. It is hot-shoe mountable directly onto a DSLR camera, and is powered by a single AAA battery, which enables the microphone to have a higher sensitivity level, tamed by the on-board -10dB Pad.

The mic even has a Bass Cut for removing unwanted low frequencies, such as traffic or electronic noise from the camera itself. Laser comes with a foam windshield, 3.5mm coiled mini-jack to mini-jack cable and a carry case.

ProMic Laser comes with a three-year, free-replacement warranty, just like every sE product. This means that if the product lets you down, we’ll simply give you a new one.

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