Schneider Optics has added the B+W Käsemann HTC Polarization Filters to its line of high-end glass filters for still and motion picture photography.


The HTC (High Transmission Circular) filters provide greater light transmission while delivering the hallmark characteristics of a fine B+W polarizing filter.

Known for reflection reduction and improved color saturation when placed in front of the shooting lens, polarizing filters are valued tools, especially for ever-changing outdoor environments. The trade off historically has been light loss. Use of standard polarizing filters comes with a loss of up to 3 f/stops of light transmitted, which can reduce desired depth of field or shutter speed. However, the B+W next-generation HTC filters utilize a proprietary layer of specially selected, high-transmission polarizing foil, which reduces light loss to just 1-1.5 stops.

HTC With Without

In addition, the Premium XS-Pro mount Käsemanns utilize MRC nano coatings to produce a better beading effect with water that makes cleaning simpler and faster than ever before. Professional F-Pro mount Käsemanns feature MRC coatings. Both versions offer a front thread for additional accessories.

B+W Filters are available at top camera dealers worldwide.

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