A quick demonstration of just how fast it is to set up the Scalca Sprut Magnetic Gimbal and Camera Car Mount.

Scalca SPRUT – multipurpose modular magnetic car grip for DJI RONIN / MOVI and other stabilizers. By virtue of modular construction, you can install car grip on the any type of spun surface.

Powerful magnetic car mount SCALCA SPRUT!
Why choose us? What is our key difference?
– SCALCA SPRUT is really easy to work. The installation takes to you 10-15 minutes. This is of prime importance for limited shooting day.
– SCALCA SPRUT small size and comfortable hand-case are simple to transportation. So, it is easy to take SCALCA SPRUT to the plane.
– Modular system renders possible to use SCALCA SPRUT as you wish. In this case, you have to have only your imagination!
– Powerful magnets make your shooting carefully for your camera. Magnets power is 1000 lbs.
– SCALCA SPRUT anti-vibration damper is the most effective vibration isolation system for filmmaking available.
– SCALCA SPRUT Special silicone pads take care your car surface, make impossible advent scratching, shipping and other car surface damage!
– SCALCA SPRUT Modular system allows the using car mount on any car parts. The using is possible not only on an even surface of hood, car trunk or top. It is possible to use SCALCA SPRUT on other an uneven your car surfaces.

Bonus video on how quickly it is to pack away.

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