Well move over Magic Lantern and GH2 hackers there is a new hot hack in town and it is the Canon EF to N8 lens adapter. The adapter is constructed of 9 pieces of corrugated cardboard spray glued together measuring 7.25”x4.1”in. Each piece is roughly 4mm deep. Total depth assembled is ~37mm, but the flange distance of the Canon EF lens mount is 44mm.

Originally, there were more pieces of cardboard involved to make the total depth closer to 42/43mm, however, when configured this way the N8 would not reach infinity focus. This is because I did not account for the distance from the back of the unit to the bottom of the motherboard where the CMOS of the N8 is located. I removed a piece of cardboard and shoved the EF “baynoet” (ie, hacked rear lens cap) deeper into the unit which worked, albeit with the caveat of now allowing the lens to focus past infinity – which is annoying if you’re not careful. Remember, this is an improvised first attempt.

Another thing to consider regardless of how “beta” this is is that there is no real “control” of the lens since the mount is by name “electro-focus.” Obviously focus is manual only (some older EF lenses will not focus at all if not connected to a camera body), and lens aperture is stuck wide open, so images are a little soft.

See They Call This Life for the N8 Canon EF hack project.

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