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Saving a look from Resolve as a LUT for the Odyssey from Convergent Design on Vimeo.

1. Use a clip similar to the ones you intend to apply your LUT to, and shot in the same format, on the same camera.

2. Use a standard LUT for the camera as a start point. Add a version by clicking Color/Add Version to keep the standard LUT as a reference.

3. Create your look with the Resolve grading controls. You can use primaries, secondaries and curves to create the look, but you must not use any shapes or blurs. Compare your look to the standard LUT by toggling between versions (CMD-B and CMD-N)

4. Grab a still by clicking View/Stills/Grab Still, and right-click the still and choose Export to save a reference DPX image and a DRX file, which is a Resolve saved grade for later use.

5. Right-click the thumbnail of the clip and choose Generate 3D LUT.

6. To convert the resulting LUT into a .cdlut file for the Odyssey open CD3dLUTConverter, and either drag the .cube file into the Source field or click the source … button and browse to it. The Destination field will be filled in automatically as the source location, with /}CD_LUTS{ appended. Ad project name and notes if required, and click Convert.

7. Copy the whole }CD_LUTS{ folder to the root of an Odyssey SSD to load the LUT into the Odyssey.

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