Ummm my kids get sent a video letter every year by this very same Santa who is now sending a 4K / 8K message to every boy and girl on his nice list.


Here is the Japanese to English translation…

Sharp will start from the Web campaign to November 15 (Sat) of “AQUOS 4K”.

This campaign, the concept of “to present the future of dreams to children”, is planning that it presents a video letter for children from Santa Claus. And recruited on our home page, and delivers a video letter for free to all applicants.

Furthermore, in 300 people limited from among the applicants, based on the profile information of the child that has been input, and delivers the original video letter taken one by one for free. “Know the future” Santa Claus is to predict a little ahead of the future to the children, you can tailor “a little strange and romantic” to the story.

The applicants accepted site, Santa Claus know the “8K technology is the future that was flowering” will gently explain the 8K of technology. It also will introduce for you to enjoy high-quality 4K video based on the 8K of technology “AQUOS 4K”.

We realize some pictures of overwhelming immersive and powerful along with the work on the development of “full-spec 8K LCD”, “AQUOS 4K” to we aim to technology deployment, realism and a sense of unity, such as being there , I will continue working on the commercialization of LCD TVs to achieve the image that gives the impression and excitement to people.


Wait for Santa to turn this 4K / 8K webpage live, you naughty brats.

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