Safe to fly, no restrictions and V-mount batteries in one sentence has not been uttered in under a decade, I recon.

So Cine Power have dropped a few V-mount batteries at Cine Gear 2014 they state are safe to fly with, with no restrictions…

Safe to fly V mount batteries

I shoot, I fly, and I have never flown the same way with batteries. Not even on a return trip. I try to but different staff on the same airline will interpret or misunderstand rules differently.

Maybe one day in the not too distant future V-mount’s will be made from unobtainium and unrestricted carry ons will happen. Then again I have been asked to cabin check tripods… So there you go. Flying is a hassle with gear no matter how you look at it.

Oh I have also had a V-mount battery catch fire killing the camera. lithium ion is bad, and smokes like a bugger.

Cine Power are the peeps to see for their power solutions in a broadcast world.

And for a full one stop shop on just about all the airlines and their rules and regulations about safely flying with camera batteries try HERE. Thanks to CrewsTV for the insight on all airlines rules for safe battery travel.

#NB webpages, rules, and regulations will change with time, so best to seek the most up to date rules and regulation for lithium ion batteries and air travel with your preferred airline.

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