Expect to see this little puppy dog at NAB 2011, the Sachtler Cine DSLR camera tripod.

Sachtler Cine DSLR Tripod

The new camera support is ideal for digital single-lens reflex cameras with video function for three reasons: the unique proprietary camera plate features an anti-twist retainer for HDSLR cameras, the professional ten-step counterbalance system, as well as Sachtler’s signature damping that offers three vertical and three horizontal grades of drag (+0) to fulfill the requirements for precise panning and professional operation.
The payload range of 1 to 11 lbs (0.5 to 5 kg) is constructed so that heavier lenses or accessories can be used while filming. Additionally, the fluid head works with the classic Sachtler Speedbalance technology, which enables a fast and target-oriented counterbalance of the camera set-up. Furthermore, the long sliding range of the camera plate as well as the self-illuminating Touch Bubble are typical Sachtler features. The Cine DSLR has a tilt range of +90° to -75°.
In addition to the Cine DSLR, Sachtler will display its renowned camera support systems such as the FSB 4 and FSB 6 75mm heads, the SOOM System, the ENG / EFP updated classic Video 18 S1 and Video 20 S1, as well as the Cine 7+7 HD and Cine 30 HD heads. Sachtler will also present two versions of modular camera stabilizer systems, the artemis Handheld for lightweight HDV and HDSLR cameras and the artemis Cine HD Pro which features dual video processing as well as HiCap wiring. The Hot-Swap technology provides an uninterrupted power supply when changing batteries.

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