S-Log2 will be available on that TheNewF camera from Sony coming on the 30th of October. There you go another piece of the puzzle scheduled ahead of the future, but really just now. First we tell you about a new XAVC codec from Sony coming to TheNewF and now some good gamma news. S-Log2 previously only available for the fully specked out flagship F65 cine camera from Sony will be on the F5 / F7 F whatever, or whatever plural. The S-Log2 Gamma Curve was designed specifically for the extended dynamic range to support full Sony F65 latitude at 1300%, and now you can experience S-Log2 on a brand new camera series coming October 30. But what does it do really you ask? Sit back and take in the goodness from Keith Roush from Roush Media as he grades Sony F65 camera S-Log2 footage in real time.

Thanks to Roush Media for the video:

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