RTMotion and PRYOR Technik Announce the LATITUDE Modular Lens Control Series

Introducing the world’s first cinema-grade system for direct control of Canon EF and Nikon Lenses on RED Digital Cinema cameras without the need for external Lens Motors.

Latitude RED Weapon Dragon

RTMotion and PRYOR Technik have officially announced the : Game-changing Wireless or Thumbwheel control of EF and Nikon lenses on RED Digital Cinema Cameras, without the need for external motors.

LATITUDE will be available as a standalone box – the LATITUDE-MDR-M (£650, USD$995, €900), or with integral battery-plate – LATITUDE-MDR-MB (£690, USD$1045, €950), or fully integrated into the OFFHOLLYWOOD OMOD. Delivery of standalone versions will commence in April, and will be demonstrated with an extensive range of accessories at NAB2016 at the RED booth (#SL1517).

LATITUDE is a revolutionary new modular lens control system, bundling extensive wireless and wired connectivity into a tiny, lightweight package. With the ability to control EF and Nikon lenses directly (without external motors) via Thumbwheels or RF Handset, it enables a cinema-level control that was never before possible on SLR-type lenses. The system integrates deeply with RED Digital Cinema cameras (DSMC and DSMC2), and is fully compatible with the RTMotion Lens Control System MK3.1 (LCS).

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weighing an incredible 90g, Latitude is particularly well suited to ultra-light and ultra-compact applications, especially since you save up to 300g per lens motor.

For gimbal usage, the integrated WIFI module can communicate directly with DSMC2 cameras (Raven, Weapon, Scarlet-W), allowing the use of 2x Thumbwheels to control Focus and Iris on EF and Nikon lenses without any wires running to the camera at all.

For aerial, game-changing features include compatibility with the wireless RTMotion Controller MK3.1, enabling control of Focus/Iris on EF and Nikon lenses (without external motors) from up to 1.5Km away.

For control of PL lenses, and lenses without internal electronics, the Latitude has 1 motor socket for control of RTMotion lens motors. A breakout to enable up to 3 lens motors for full FIZ control of PL lenses will be available imminently.

The flexibility of the series will continue to expand through 2016 via free firmware updates, including confirmed features such as;

FOOLCONTROL-over-RF. Use 2x Latitudes to extend the range of FOOLCONTROL up to 1.5Km.

THUMBWHEELS-over-RF. Attach up to 2 thumbwheels to a “roaming” Latitude (attached to a wireless monitor, for example), to beam control to the “primary” Latitude on camera over RTMotion’s powerful RF link.

“LATITUDE represents a new generation of tool, bringing together years of hands-on experience, collaboration with some of the most exciting innovators in the industry, combined with RED’s forward-thinking 3rd party developer platform. Not only is LATITUDE the most exciting electronic accessory platform for RED cameras in 2016, we’re only just beginning to tap into its potential for future expansion”.

Key Features
RED EPIC, Scarlet, and DSMC2
Use the RTMotion Controller (MK3.1) to control EF lenses (Canon, Nikon) via their internal motors, over a rock-solid RF wireless link.
Control “focus” and “iris” via two thumbwheels.
Add up to 3 RT Motion Motors for PL glass*.
Special FOOLCONTROL integration. Configure the LATITUDE via free IPhone app.

Top-tier Lens Control System for ARRI, Sony, Canon, etc.
Add an RTMotion Controller (MK3.1) and up to 3 RT Lens motors for FIZ control of PL and SLR lenses.
Run/stop cables available for all common systems – ARRI, Sony F55, Phantom, GH4, LANC (Sony FS7, Canon C100/300/500, Blackmagic), etc.
Unequalled 1.5Km wireless range**, perfect for drones and harsh RF environments like stadiums.
Unique operating modes available by adding an additional battery-powered LATITUDE
FOOLCONTROL-over-RF (up to 1.5Km**), for drones, DIT, etc.
Thumbwheels-over-RF (mount thumbwheels to a wireless monitor, or control iris from video village).

Confirmed Roadmap for spring 2016
Force-Zoom controller for gimbal and tripod mounting, cine-style.
Rocker-Zoom controller for gimbal and tripod mounting, broadcast-style.
Full size rod-mounted Smart Knob, with white marking disks.
Broadcast lens adapter, for Fuji, Canon, etc.
… and much more

*Via optional 1-to-3 breakout
**Line-of-sight in ideal conditions

Availability and Price
Available April 2016 from £650, USD$995, €900 from a selection of RED resellers worldwide.

About RT Motion and Pryor Technik
RTMotion was founded in Scotland, UK in 2009, before relocating to London in 2013 and evolving rapidly towards the release of the signature RTMotion Lens Control System MK3.1, now one of the world’s most trusted and versatile LCS options. Pioneering the use of brushless motors and advanced, long-range wireless technology, RTMotion continues to invest heavily in R&D, working closely with its worldwide network of partners, rental houses and customer base of world class cinematographers & ACs.


PRYOR Technik (UK) is an offshoot project from Kris Bird, co-founder and tech director of RTMotion. PRYOR is a collaboration effort to bring the next generation of tools to the film & tv equipment sector, including moving platforms, motion & camera control. The LATITUDE project, which sits at the intersection of so much exciting innovation (working with Mikael Lubtchansky/ FOOLCONTROL, and Mark Pederson/ OFFHOLLYWOOD/ OMOD), embodies this momentum.


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