New and available for immediate delivery are both the Rokinon Digital Photo 20mm F1.8 and Rokinon Cine DS 20mm T1.9 Full Frame Super Wide Angle lenses.

Offering the full frame perspective of 20mm and a fast aperture design, these high value prime lenses were designed to ll the gap between the highly popular14mm and 24mm focal lengths of Rokinon Digital Photo and Cine DS lens systems.

By virtue of a 94.8° diagonal extreme eld of view, they are ideal for producing unique images and videos of landscapes, interiors, architecture, the night sky and everyday shooting. Their bright F1.8 and T1.9 apertures allow high quality imaging in di cult lighting conditions. They can create beautiful background defocus e ects with a shallow depth of eld and deliver more light for easier focusing. The 7.9in / 0.20m minimum focusing distance adds additional versatility.

The optical design of both the Digital Photo and Cine DS versions feature 13 elements in 12 groups and utilize 2 Aspherical and 3 Extra-Low Dispersion elements to minimize aberration, reduce unnecessary light dispersion and deliver high resolution corner to corner. Ultra Multi Coating (UMC) is employed to optimize light transmission and minimize are and ghost. The non-rotating front lens design enables the easy use of polarizing lters and the included highly e ective petal type hood.

The Rokinon Digital Photo 20mm F1.8 is available in mounts to t: Canon, Nikon AE, Sony E, Micro 4/3, Pentax K and Fuji X The Rokinon Cine DS 20mm T1.9 8 is available in mounts to t: Canon, Nikon, Sony E, and Micro 4/3.

Common Features
• Focuses to 7.9in / 0.20m
• Rokinon Ultra Multi-Coating
• Circular Aperture with 7 Blades
• Super Wide 94.8° Angle of View
• Non Rotating 77mm Filter Mount
• High Strength Aluminum Alloy Housing
• Quiet, Damped and Smooth Focusing Control

Additional Cine DS Features
• Geared Focusing and Aperture Controls
• Dual Right and Left Side Distance and T-stop Scales
• Calibrated In T-Stops to Provide Accurate and Consistent Exposure
• De-Clicked Aperture Control for Smooth, Seamless and Silent Adjustment

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Download full press release HERE: ROKINON-20mm-PRESS-RELEASE

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