RigWheels have released an array of new products and tools designed for moving and mounting your camera in unique and versatile ways.

RigWheels was previously known as a DIY only tool, but now with RigWheels new assortment of gear they offer complete flexibility in allowing you to scale your rig or grips from a DIY to a fully complete system.

The key benefit to this new RigWheels system is in how the various parts can be interchanged and configured into different types of dollies, sliders, and mounts.

One of the most interesting and original items in the line is the RigMount, a high-powered rare-earth (possibly unobtainium) magnet with surprising strength in mounting applications for video as well as still photography.
A few simple, well thought out parts turn this system into a capable and versatile option available at an affordable price.

Please see RigWheels for more on all the new gear like the RigMount X that they have released for you to play with.

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