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“Rigging Your Cinema Camera” is the definitive source for anyone that wants to get the most out of using their Blackmagic Design cameras, from the hobbyist to the seasoned veteran filmmaker. Author and Cinematographer, Marco Solorio (owner of OneRiver Media) has been using the original Cinema Camera since mid-2012, prior to its public release as an early beta tester and first recipient of the camera outside of Blackmagic Design’s global headquarters in Australia.

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Since that time, Solorio has used various Blackmagic Design cameras as “A-cameras” on a multitude of real-world projects, from commercial, corporate, short film, and feature film productions. Breaking all preconceived perceptions, Solorio implements production-proven rigging scenarios that allow these cameras to be used in both conventional and non-conventional ways while obtaining extremely high quality these cameras are known for.

Various Cinema Camera and Production Camera 4K rigging setups are shown in great detail (including parts and cost breakdown) that include: Compact Rig, Studio Rig, B-Roll Rig, Interview Rig, Cine Rig, ENG Rig, Compact Shoulder Rig, Aviator Rig, Skimmer Rig, and many more. Not just limited to the Cinema Camera and Production Camera 4K, Solorio also shows production-driven examples for the Pocket Cinema Camera and URSA.

But going beyond rigging and parts, Solorio goes even deeper into the practical theory and balance of rigging itself, lenses (covering 43 pages alone), audio applications with various wired and wireless microphone setups, AC and DC power systems, cables, tools, matte boxes, optical filters, follow focuses, various cage options, and countless more examples that are equally valuable for any camera, not just the Cinema Camera.

Over 300 photos (shot by Solorio), over 56,000 words, and over 2 years in the making, all based from actual productions. Coverage includes cost, tips, fabrication, usage, and assembly with various diagrams, tables, and product hyperlinks. Thousands of dollars worth of various gear tested, from cheap to exotic, saving you grief, money, and time.


If you shoot with a Blackmagic Cinema Camera, you NEED this book. Everything you ever wanted to know about rigging out the camera for various configurations from someone who actually uses the camera every day.
Walter Biscardi, Jr. – Biscardi Creative Media

From theory to practice, with all the reference points and ideas insanely illustrated and laid out, there should be no question from the reader that they have the resource on hand to solve most production issues that face rigging any camera.
Jason & Josh Diamond – The Diamond Bros

This book is a comprehensive filmmaker’s shopping list; a ton of valuable insights for accessories and the justification for having these tools. Whatever camera system you have, this book will eliminate the guesswork out of the purchases needed to properly rig out your productions.
Steffan Schulz – Strange Media, Inc.

Beyond simple on-camera rigging, Marco delves into audio recording equipment, camera support, power, and monitoring, all of which can be equally baffling to the new operator. In short, Marco’s book provides a soup to nuts look at assembling a wide range of camera and audio packages, tailoring them to suit the particular needs of nearly any project, and using them practically in the field.
Alexis Van Hurkman – Writer, Director, Colorist

Marco possesses a genuine desire to share his knowledge with other filmmakers; that’s truly a gift! And this book you have in front of you now is your “fast track” to Marco’s road-tested experience and hands-on approach to shooting with Blackmagic Design Cinema Cameras.
Daniel Bérubé – Boston Creative Pro User Group

There are literally hundreds of pages of detailed, well laid out content that takes you far beyond rigging your Blackmagic cameras. And it helps that the author has been a beta tester of these cameras from day one.
George E. Kennedy Jr., Magek Filmworks Productions, Inc.

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