The Bright Tangerine website slogan is “The only matte box you’ll ever need.” Time for a rethink of that slogan as Bright Tangerine now make follow focus units.

The Revolvr is the first Bright Tangerine follow focus, and just in time for IBC.

Revolvr Follow Focus

Designed to allow you more options of placement, revolvr is slimmer, and has a dual mountable arm, allowing you more space for other accessories.

We’ve used an active-expanding coupling to connect our whip and speed crank which means you get zero backlash. The speed crank is adjustable in length, and can pivot from 90 to 130 degrees. Which means you can vary the speed, and access the crank when it’s difficult to reach.

Revolvr Follow Focus From Bright Tangerine

Revolvr Follow Focus Bright Tangerine

Revolvr Bright Tangerine

More at: Bright Tangerine.

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