Not sure many saw this brushless gimbal camera rig doing the rounds at NAB. Drew Janes demoed the Relentless Handheld Stabilized System which they are selling for $1800.
Have not seen footage from the rig itself, so not judging yet.

Helder Filipe Martins for the video:

There is sure to be a flood of DIY and commercial brushless gimbal camera rigs hitting the market soon. Solutions right now cater for cameras under 200g and you can expect bigger rigs to pop up soon that look after the larger sensor sized cameras, such as the Blackmagic cameras.

Remember that handheld brushless gimbal rig we showed you a while ago? It has a name now, the BeSteady and is a few weeks away from its next showing:

Flite Handheld Camera Stabiliser

If you are into DIY you can make yourself a brushless gimbal camera rig right now. This Simple BGC YUN-I Brushless Gimbal handles cameras up to 200g and retails for $499.
FV Model

Please see Relentless for more information about their brushless gimbal camera rig.

Relentless Brushless Gimbal Camera Rig

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