The ultraCage is the first cage designed specifically the just-announced Canon EOS C300, and has been called the essential accessory for transforming these phenomenal cameras into phenomenal camera systems. The ultraCage delivers all the needed pieces for mounting, accessory support, safety, and modularity to fulfill the promise of these cameras.

ultraCage | blue
Support for Canon C300 Series
Support for popular DLSR cameras
Support for video cameras
Support for 19mm rods
Perfect for jib and steady cam
Vehicle mounted systems
Designed & made in USA

ultraCage | blue Extended
Extension for added support
Added accessories
Larger cameras
Counter balance
Battery packs and recorders
Redrock “backPack” accessory
Additional handle

ultraCage | blue powerPack
Power distribution for accessories
Variable output
Battery voltage indicator
Powered from d-tap, AC power sources

ultraCage | blue backPack
Rear plate and cheeseplate for Extended edition
Added mounting options
Perfect for mounting battery or counterbalance

ultraCage | blue Accessories
Top handles
Cold shoe clamps
backPack plates
19mm Clamps
See Redrock Micro for more information.

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