New retroFlex-S from Redrock Micro fuses retro style with modern video convenience

Dallas, TX and Hollywood, CA – Redrock Micro, the recognized leader in affordable professional cinema accessories, today announced new retroFlex-S A unique retro-inspired handheld rig for anyone who wants to take their Sony Alpha videos to the next level with better camera support and more style when shooting handheld, street, or fashion events.


Vintage Style Everyone Loves

Shoot with a camera that matches your cinematic style. The beautifully crafted retroFlex-S is loaded with graceful curves and subtle touches that people will notice. It starts with the black anodized camera cage with chromic badging and classic typography. Unique black Leatherette accents the cage and optical viewfinder, resulting in impression of a classic Super-8 style camera. If you want to blend in a crowd but stand out in style, the retroFlex-S is for you.

Filmmaking Substance Everyone Needs

Under the hood, the retroFlex-S is a professionally crafted filmmaking rig. The aluminum precision- machined camera cage wraps your Sony Alpha camera with protection while adding convenient attachment points for on-camera accessories including microphones, LED light panels, and recorders.
The magnetically attached loupe is high grade optics with focusing diopter, huge and bright enough to shoot even in mid-day sun. And the handgrips integrated camera start/stop easily connects to the camera and performs flawlessly.
The retroFlex-S is also ready for serious production. The magnetic loupe pops off, the handgrip unscrews, and in under a minute the cage is ready to go for cine-style rigging. Redrocks compatible family of 400+ cinema rigs and accessories has been used in countless television and film productions around the world and is ready for you.

Compatibility, Pricing, Availability

retroFlex-S is designed for Sony Alpha A-5×000 cameras. Support for additional Alpha models is in the works. Pricing for the complete rig is $545 and is available immediately from or from any of Redrocks worldwide resellers.

The retroFlex-S joins the already popular retroFlex for Blackmagic Pocket Camera rig.

About Redrock Micro

Redrock Micro revolutionized independent film production in the early 2000s with the M2 cinema lens adapter, and reinvented digital filmmaking in 2008 with HDSLR cinema rigs and accessories. Today, Redrock Micro continues to lead the industry in innovation with its award-winning digital cinema rigs and accessories, DSLR rigs, depth-of-field adapters, stabilization and support gear, sophisticated focus controllers, and advanced cinema accessories. More information is available at

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