Redrock Micro have a new streamlined 35mm lens adapter for achieving that shallow DOF Cinema look with your existing video camera. The M3 is available in three basic configurations – Cinema Lens Adapter, Indie Bundle, and Complete Package. Expect to pay a special introductory price of $1320 normally $1850 for the M3.

Sample footage from the M3:

State-of-the-art everything
The M3 is as close as you will get to perfection in a lens adapter, delivering razor sharp images with a beautiful look, wrapped in a rugged professional body and support system. The many technical achievements and enhancements of the M3 include:

* Monster oversized optics delivery approximately ¼ stop: nearly transparent operation
* High rpm spinning ground glass enables stopping the lens down to f16 or more without showing grain
* State of the art power system with locking lemo-style connectors, auxiliary power ports, rechargeable batteries, and power status indicators
* Pro housing: uni-body design, precision machined aluminum, hard anodized finish, rubberized weather-resistant port covers, cleaning port, and fully gasketed for silent operation
* Tool-less setup and operation, including new baseplate with thumbscrews, and breach lock camera connector, and integrated flip optics

Perfect companion for HDSLR cameras

The popularity wave of HDSLR cameras has come with a realization these cameras come with a host of shortcomings. Among them, lack of good integrated audio, a limited recording codec, lack of full manual controls, and rolling shutter issues. Combined with a video camera, the M3 delivers the highly desired HDSLR “film look” while eliminating the drawbacks of HDSLR cameras. An M3 rig and HDSLR cameras can be used together for a high quality multi-camera solution that brings the best of both worlds together in an incredible affordable package:

* Achieve the sought after shallow depth of field and film look without the drawbacks of HDSLR cameras (audio, codec, rolling shutter, controls)
* M3 footage cuts seamlessly with HDSLR footage
* Share same set of lenses with HDSLR with unique LiveLens active lens mount for EF lenses

Legendary Redrock ‘look’

In the same way people seek out prized lenses for their “look”, the Redrock cinema lens adapter “look” has become a highly sought after aesthetic. Described as “organic” and “highly filmic”, the M3 continues the tradition of this amazing footage, while raising the bar for better underlying technology:

* M3 delivers unique, highly sought after ‘organic look’ to footage
* Razor sharp while maintaining beautiful bokeh and image quality

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