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Fury Rig, camera rigs inspired by the movie Mad Max: FURY ROAD.




In Summer 2012 Redrock rigs were sent to South Africa as the handheld DSLR rigs for Mad Max Fury Road. Inspired by the Redrock rigs used in the film, we bring you the Fury Rig.

The Fury Rig gives you the same handheld closeup style that made Fury Road a huge box office success. Raw emotion, unblinking violence, in-your-face action.

Adrenaline-filled action style handheld

The Fury Rig is a handheld rig that keeps your camera close and the action even closer. The low profile baseplate and carbon fiber rails keeps your rig tight, so you can stay close and move quickly. One or two handgrips in “V” style minimize camera roll, maximize adrenaline.

Options that Fury Road never had

Expanded compatibility to include DSLR, Canon EOS Cinema Cameras, and Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Handheld cinema camera rig
Looking to get even more mileage from your rig? Add the new Rhino Mount for lightweight high torque rail, and the microRemote fingerwheel gives you incredible focus control for you or your AC to nail those cinematic selective-focus shots.

Now or Never

Like water and fuel, The Fury Rig is available in limited quantities. Whether you’re a fan of Fury Road, or want to recreate George Miller’s hell-on-the-highway action style, the Fury Rig gives you what you want: Distopian desert wasteland optional.

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