Wikipedia might say VistaVision became obsolete… but it looks like someone forgot to tell RED that.

Take a look at the Facebook page of ‎President at RED, Jarred Land.

Yes that is Brad Pitt at RED Studios Hollywood looking through what Jarred calls “VISTA”

So are RED coming to NAB 2015 with a VisaVision camera.

Can that original widescreen dream from 1954, be rekindled by the RED wrecking ball of Obsolescence Obsolete.

Now we are not saying that the Vista is the Weapon but C’mon… It would be a weapon!!

Can you imagine “See 35mm like never before with RED VistaVision Weapon Camera, making widescreen wider in 2015”

Red Vista

RED Vista Vision

Someone will quickly tell us if this has anything to do with what’s going on:

Fire Test from WOLF Magazine

Fire Test from WOLF Magazine on Vimeo.

Pics belong to Jarred Land.

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