Out of love and passion, Jim Jannard focused on a dream. Which was: To create a digital cinema camera without compromise, with ultra-high 4K resolution and RAW mode, just like his favorite DSLRs, only working in full motion. Even his friends and supporters said it could not be done, pleading with him to consider something less ambitious, like a flying car, perhaps. “Compete against Sony?” they said. “Madness!”

But Jim thought Sony and its competitors were going too slowly, holding back technology that urgently wanted to be made free. He wanted to build the best digital cinema camera in the world … and he did.

This trivia game is a homage to the story behind RED, from its founding moments to the present day of EPIC and Scarlet. The history is here, from Bread Box to the very first delivered EPIC-M. The films are here, from Crossing the Line to The Hobbit. And the crazy moments, too, from Ketch’s legendary Tiramisu to the alleged Pink Scarlet.

The only question is: Will you be here? Join us in the Red Revolution, at least in spirit, by buying your copy of RED Trivia today!

While the app is suitable for people of any age, it does contain graphic illustrations of very expensive Digital Cinema equipment which you will almost certainly want to buy. Viewer discretion is advised.

Download RED Trivia here.
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