That RED Scarlet 8x prototype 120fps footage has made its way onto Vimeo: Enjoy this version.

you know what.. we probably did 5 takes… but every single one of them was usable. Matt Bennett ( skateboarder ) landed every single take.. the models and talent nailed it every time.. and my dolly grip ( AKA Rory one of our new bombsquad reps ) got me going like a bat out of hell almost perfectly every time and kept the speed up and then stopped me within inches from smashing into the wall at the end every time… which in itself was quite a feat given there was 130 feet of track and I’m a pretty big dude to be pushing along at 30 miles per hour.

We only really stopped shooting because we ran out of rounds for the automatic weapons.. Silly me thinking 1000 rounds would last all day long.

See RED for more.

Thanks to Ambig for the Vimeo version and of course all rights revert to RED.

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