More goodies from RED to help you see, keep cool and to power on. RED have announced the RED Lens Motor, DSMC Fan 2.0 and the Shorter Quickplate V-Lock Battery Adapter with Aux Power ports.


We are proud to introduce the RED LENS MOTOR, one of the first products combining the talents of both RED and Element Technica.

– Compatible with the Meizler Module as well as most lens control systems, the RED LENS MOTOR combines a small package with higher torque than the small Heden.

– 270 Degree rotating connector allows for much easier configuration and mounting.

– Fits onto a standard 19mm rail (15mm with insert)

– Friction or Geared Interchangeable Gear heads ( left or right )

-$1250 each. Ships this summer. Come see them working in our booth.


The DSMC FAN 2.0 Upgrade Kit provides you with user replaceable top and bottom fan systems to provide a quieter more robust cooling system for your Scarlet, Epic or Dragon camera.

$250 for kit.

Ships End of May.

RED Shorter Quickplate V-Lock Battery adapter

New Shorter Quickplate V-Lock Battery adapter with Aux Power ports.

Provides V-Lock power to your camera in a design that matches the profile of your Scarlet/Epic/Dragon.


For more information about RED products please go HERE.

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