Even more news from the world of RED. Jarred Land announces the RED Dragon Sensor upgrade program is open, and drops the prices down too.

We finally have received the new ASICs to begin the process of upgrading Epic and Scarlet Cameras to the Dragon Sensor.

Tomorrow (Monday):

-EPIC-M owners can pre-order the upgrade for $9500

-Early adopters can pre-order the upgrade for $8500 ($1000 credit when invoiced)

-New EPIC-M Dragon pre-orders begin tomorrow for $29k. Ships after existing Epic-M owners have had opportunity to upgrade.

RED Dragon Camera


-EPIC-X non-early adopters can pre-order upgrade for $9500.

And you can add a Rocket-X to your order for $4495.

We will begin upgrading Epic-X and Epic-M cameras tomorrow in our booth. Come view the actual process. Seriously.

Don’t bring your camera, we have already pre-selected and obtained all the cameras that we have time to upgrade during the show and these will be shipped to their owners the week after NAB.

After you place your upgrade orders tomorrow ( EPIC-M or early adopter ) or Thursday ( Remaining Epic-X customers ) you will be sent instructions on when to sent your camera in for the upgrade over the following weeks.

Epic Dragon 6K. 6144 x 3160 up to 100fps. 3 additional stops over Epic M-X.

Scarlet customers, we will be giving you the option to upgrade to the Epic M-X or directly to 6K DRAGON sensors and ASICs. Details will be announced tomorrow morning for upgrade pre-orders beginning on Thursday.

Please see RED for more about their RED Dragon Sensor upgrade program.

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