The big RED cheese JJ has talked about sensor upgrades for the EPIC camera with the Dragon sensor. He also dropped some Scarlet camera upgrade to Dragon sensor considerations such as boards and overall costs to overhaul the camera. The upgrade to Dragon sensor is expected to be a higher cost for Scarlet owners as opposed to EPIC owners. Some cheered, some sneered.
The J to the J also chatted about Canon getting lost and also took down names for his naughty list.
You really should put RECON from the REDuser forum on your must read websites. Maybe one day JJ will put the Panasonic 4K Varicam into a spray.
On another note Jarred Land has said RED are now walking away from lens production for the time being.

Jim Jannard on EPIC / Scarlet Dragon sensor upgrades:

Of course it makes sense that we will upgrade EPICs to the Dragon sensor before Scarlets. However, we are considering how to upgrade Scarlets to the Dragon.

There are several boards that need to be changed so the upgrade for Scarlet may be a bit more expensive than the upgrade to EPIC..

We are always thinking about our customers… just so you know.

We take everything under consideration. Our goal is that everyone wins if they invest in RED.

Sample footage soon. Be prepared to be completely blown away. Times a million.


Jim on the RED Dragon sensor and 65mm film:

OK. This is the final frontier.

The RED Dragon sensor needs to be directly compared to 65mm film.

The Dragon has more resolution than 65mm film when scanned at 4K.

The Dragon has more dynamic range than film… by a lot. 65mm film has about 14.5 stops. The Dragon has an easy 16 stops… without sweating.

The EPIC Dragon will shoot nearly 100fps. 65mm film cameras… not so much.

Cost to shoot the RED Dragon vs. 65mm film… ridiculously not close.

Dragon should never be compared to 35mm film. It should only be spoken in reference to 65mm film from here on out.

So you own an EPIC? You upgrade.

Have a nice day….


JJ on camera manufacturers and Sensors:

It all starts with the sensor…

How is it that RED could enter the cinema camera market 7 years ago and now about 50% of the released features are “Shot on RED”?

How is it that Canon owned the professional stills market 3 years ago and now Nikon is handing them their @ss?

How did Arri convert all the old-school film guys to the Alexa?

Sensors, baby. Sensors.

Apparently Canon is married to old sensor fab technology. The Nikon D800 scores 95 on the DXO sensor scale. The brand new Canon 5D MKIII… 82. Really? That can’t be good.

Arri has a great sensor program… although a bit down on resolution from our point of view. :-)

Enter the RED Dragon. This is sensor technology that makes all the big guys want to put on their helmets.

So how did Canon get so lost? Who are the camera companies that recognize that sensors are 90+% of a digital camera? Who is investing in sensor technology?

In order…

the rest…

Of course there are other factors that matter in this highly competitive and fast changing market. Who will upgrade the sensor in your existing camera instead of making you buy a new camera?

No matter what your answers are to these questions… it is all coming down to who has the best sensor program. Sensors matter. Side note… film is officially dead.


Jarred Land on RED lens production:

On the acquisition side, we currently are focusing on cameras.

When we started making lenses there wasn’t many options out there, You could count companies making cinema lens on one hand. We came in and shook things up a bit with some great product. Now there are what seems to be 100s of companies offering everything from cheap to spectacular.. it is not a game you need us to be in right now.

We still have a few spectacular things brewing on the back burner that we wont talk about till they are ready, but for right now you guys shouldn’t be holding your breath for a new set of RPPs anytime soon.

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